Digital Marketing Services


Owner of a digital marketing services business wanted financial planning and budgeting process and methodology. Analyzed accounting and project accounting process and methodology to validate current state and identify opportunities for improvement. Converted from cash to accrual-based accounting to accurately determine actual revenue generation, expenses, and profitability. Transitioned from revenue recognition by invoice generation by developing a revenue recognition process based on project progress and work developed and delivered to determine actual revenue generation. Restructured P&L accounts to create a P&L that accurately reflected the structure and operation of the business, providing relevant revenue, expense, and profitability by department and function for faster and more accurate performance and results analysis. Determined profit ratios for all expenses to determine existing and desired profitability. Developed project profitability process to determine profitability and budgeted-to-actual results. Developed a comprehensive, detailed financial model to envision financial results based on assumed performance. Departmental budgets were developed that included revenue, expense, headcount, utilization, and profitability objectives to direct budgeting and performance management processes. Worked with owner, bookkeeper, and staff to teach, implement, and execute, resulting in more empowered, capable leadership, management, and staff.

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