Ideal Clients & Engagements

I have found business owners to be intelligent, hard-working, well-intentioned people. Despite that, it is common for us to experience challenges and obstacles to our success that we don’t address and resolve. This can be degenerative and debilitating. Do any of these thoughts ring familiar?

  • I am not getting the financial results (sales, revenue generation, profitability) I want.
  • I am not doing the kind of work I want.
  • I am not working with the clients I want.
  • I am not getting enough help from my employees.
  • I spend all or too much of my time trying to solve problems.
  • I am not solving my problems.
  • I am not capitalizing on opportunities.
  • I spend too much time working.
  • My business has stalled.
  • Performance and financial results are unpredictably and uncontrollably inconsistent.
  • I can’t scale my business.
  • My clients have become a burden.
  • My employees have become a burden.
  • My passion has waned.
  • I don’t have a plan.
  • I don’t stick to a plan.

I am eager to partner with you and your team to see each of these issues as an opportunity for meaningful improvement and to assess, plan, and take action to realize that improvement and the success, confidence, satisfaction, reward, peace of mind, and joy that can come with it.

Creating The “Fit” That Works for You

  • Part-time, working at a customized level that fits, to support owners and their team at just the level and manner they want.
  • Temporary (Interim, Project, Change Management), supporting owners on those specific but game-changing initiatives that need or benefit from additional or outside expertise.
  • Full-time (and ongoing), if full-time and ongoing is most productive and beneficial.
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