Improve Your Performance Management – 10 Questions to Get You Going

Effective performance management is critical to any organization and it’s success. But for small businesses, it’s often short-sheeted or overlooked altogether, replaced by crises-management and “making it up as you go.” But effective performance management requires a strategy, a plan, and the ability to envision and manage from the whole to the details, and vice versa. Easier said than done, and it’s not for everyone.

Below are questions designed to get you thinking about effective performance management and what you might be able to do to improve it, and in doing so, improve the performance and results of your business.

  1. What’s the one result most indicative of and critical to your business’ success?
  2. What’s the one single activity that most influences that one result?
  3. Who is the single person most responsible for the successful execution of that activity?
  4. How does each member of your company influence that one most-critical result?
  5. Does each member of your company have a specific, key success indicator – that one result that most influences the Company’s key success indicator?
  6. Do they have a specific key performance indicator, that one activity that most influences their key success indicator?
  7. Does each member know what his or her key success and performance indicators?
  8. Are you measuring what’s most relevant and important?
  9. Are you generating the information you need to analyze and evaluate your business?
  10. Are you getting all the insight you can and should from your information?

Yes? Maybe? Truth is, often times the answer is “no.” And if you answered “maybe” or “no” to any of these questions, there is likely room for measurable improvement in your company’s collective and individual performance and results. But effectively addressing, answering, and most importantly, acting on these questions and issues is easier said than done.

The time, ability, experience, and passion for getting at these issues to answer and act to get improved performance and results may not be readily available. Would you consider tackling these critical questions and issues if you had affordable, qualified, proven expertise?

Is it worth a short discussion to explore and determine that and give yourself the best chance to dramatically improve the performance and results of your business?

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