3 Questions to Jumpstart & Improve Your Strategic Planning

From 3 Proven Ways to Position a Professional Services Firm, by Jason Mlicki, 03.13.12, Rattleback.com

One day . . . firm leadership looks around and asks itself a few difficult, yet fundamental questions. The questions themselves are never quite the same, but generally speaking they sound something like this:

  • How did we get in THIS business?
  • Why are we providing THAT service?
  • Why are we pursuing THOSE clients?

The amount of time it takes to get here varies and the size of the firm at this point is largely irrelevant. Regardless, this is the moment when positioning stops being reactive and starts being proactive.

While there should be more to your strategic planning than positioning, positioning is at the core of it. If you don’t have an effective, formal strategic planning or marketing plan development process, the 3 questions above will get you started in the right direction.

I invite you to check out this dated but still relevant article:  3 Proven Ways to Position a Professional Services Firm

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