Do You Have A Strategy? Does It Work?

Yes, I am of the school of thought that believes (knows) that developing a well-thought strategy is not the product of a divisive process that wastes time and money and that ends up in a binder on a shelf or archived on the server. To the contrary, it can enable alignment, unification and focus of … Read more

Is Your Management Making You Your Best, or Holding You Back?

If we were asked about the quality of our individual and group management, we would likely answer positively. The conclusion might be, “whatever our problems our shortcomings are, it’s not our management.” If it were, that would be self-condemning, and who wants to do that. We are confident of our knowledge and how we apply … Read more

Do Your Employees Have the Right “Entrepreneurial Stuff?” Be Sure They Do.

As entrepreneurs, it’s critically important that we have entrepreneurial aptitude. But as we build an organization, we must make sure our first hires do too. The highest priority is their common understanding and commitment to the mission, vision, and values. But beyond that, there are other key characteristics of the ideal “entrepreneurial” employee. Here’s a  … Read more

How Do You Like Your Employees – Satisfied or Engaged?

“Satisfied” or “engaged” employees? For most, it is intuitive and common to strive for “satisfied.” But it seems “satisfied” is “style” but not substance. What we want to strive for is “engaged” employees. To gain insight into the difference and how to achieve that difference:

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

For almost every service agency, profitability is the financial result most crucial to survival, and ideally, sustainable, managed success. It fuels cash flow, and is a primary factor in determining valuation. So it stands to reason that measuring and managing profitability would be critically important too, right? But how many of us really measure and … Read more

Improve Your Performance Management – 10 Questions to Get You Going

Effective performance management is critical to any organization and it’s success. But for small businesses, it’s often short-sheeted or overlooked altogether, replaced by crises-management and “making it up as you go.” But effective performance management requires a strategy, a plan, and the ability to envision and manage from the whole to the details, and vice … Read more

Are You Doing “The Right Things?” Let’s Find Out

“The right things” are much more important than “the right way.” (Don’t get me wrong – the right way is very important too – but dependent on “the right things.”) “Right things” are those tasks and activities developed to most effectively and efficiently achieve your strategic goal. How much time and how often do you … Read more

Managing More Meaningful Meetings

A meeting is a gathering of people to present or exchange information, plan joint activities, make decisions, or carry out actions already agreed upon. Almost every group activity or project requires meetings. True, and not true. By definition, yes. And necessary, yes. But most of us know the reality of meetings. They are often wandering … Read more

Effective Delegation Delivers Desired Results

You just don’t have the time. It’s easier and quicker for you to do it rather than taking the time to delegate it to someone else to do. You can do it in 15 minutes – but it will surely take longer to properly hand-off and oversee someone else to do it. It’s a perspective … Read more

Managing & Maximizing Return on Your Most Precious Asset

Despite “time” being our most valuable asset, the truth is, no one buys “time.” No one sells “time.” In business, and in life, people benefit from, value, and pay for performance, for contribution, for results. For knowledge-based offers, we use time to quantify the application of our human resource – our capability, expertise, talent, passion, … Read more

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