“Ken is insightful, detail-oriented, intuitive and patient. Ken’s analytical skills are excellent and he’s able to take a lot of information in and put together a coherent story. He listens intently and offers constructive feedback. I recommend his services highly.” – Dina Creiger, Founder, Choose To Be Nice, LLC

“Ken was referred to me by a colleague to help me bring my new business to fruition. I have a patented idea for an office chair that relieves low back pain, that I am trying to bring to market. Ken has been the driving force to help create the infrastructure, vision and strategy to bring my idea to market. Ken created the business plan and financials required to lure investors as well as helping to frame the organizational design of my LLC. Ken has been instrumental throughout the entire process and his keen ability to analyze processes, financials and implement effective strategies with contingency plans has been nothing short of amazing. Ken is a man of  integrity with a strong sense of purpose, that has the work ethic, attention to detail and ability to analyze any business model then execute the necessary plan while accounting for any contingency. Ken is main reason my idea is becoming not only a reality, but an incredible business opportunity! I can honestly say, without Ken’s knowledge, expertise and assistance, I would not be in this position. If you are struggling with your current business, trying to increase your profit margin or trying to launch a new business venture, your ultimate success will be dramatically increased by calling on Ken Dixon!” – Mark Powicki, Doctor of Physical Therapy/Strength and Conditioning Specialist, co-owner of two Physical Therapy Clinics and Fitness

“Ken worked with me recently to sharpen my marketing messaging. His insights and comments were invaluable. He has an intuitive sense of the market, understands strategic communications strategy, and is highly sensitive and intelligent. He’s a thoughtful and generous collaborator. I plan to work with him again, and have no reservations recommending him highly.” – Joel Olicker, CEO/Co-founder, Powderhouse Productions, Inc.

“Regardless of how many years a small business has been in existence, Ken has the unique ability to re-introduce that business to its owner in an enlightening and fresh way. His manner is kind, thoughtful, positive, encouraging, matter of fact and truthful – always truthful. He backs up his findings with solid research that is relevant to the specific market and type of business. He does not generalize. His focus is always on the client’s business and the unique specifics of that business. He identifies the positive attributes; suggesting ways to leverage them for growth, and the negative attributes; recommending solutions to mitigate them. The biggest mistake that a business can make is to ask Ken for advice, and then not follow through on it. Spend an hour with Ken, even if you don’t hire him right away, there may come a time that you will be glad you know who to call.” – Carlo DiPersio, President, Viewpoint Creative

“Ken is the guy I call when a client I work with or a business I know needs Operational or Management Consulting services. Ken has a warm and engaging style. He understands how to maximize organizational efficiencies. I have always found him to be a great coach, educating teams and organizations on how to best perform, work together and grow profitability. His vision can help shape an organization and position them to succeed. I have personally seen companies he has worked for transform and grow. I highly recommend Ken, and would be proud to act as a personal or professional reference.” – Steve Schultz, VP of Franchise Development, Supporting Strategies

“Ken Dixon has been an influential, intellectual and invaluable adviser and partner as we sought to establish a new and unique brand identity for Kaliber Data Security. He combines a proven, structured approach developed over his years working in this arena, with the flexibility to adapt and embrace a new and emerging market space. I have found him to be smart, insightful, and engaged in the process and he has been a delight to work with.” – Ken Leeser, Data Security Process and Compliance Professional/Founder, Kaliber Data Security,

“Ken and I first met when my consultancy was shortlisted to present a response to an RFP he had created on behalf the firm he worked for at the time. He was intrigued by our approach to his challenge. And though we didn’t work together on that project, we reconnected thereafter when he was looking for a new engagement and Catapult Thinking was looking for an operations lead.

Ken arrived at a point when our team was working through some unexpected organizational challenges that unfortunately coincided with the general economic downturn. It was a roll up your sleeves period, where our staff of client-focused consultants benefited greatly from his steady hand on our operational, financial and administrative reins.

As things normalized with his help, Ken became a confident resource in helping us build more reliable and predictable tools for understanding and managing the performance of our business as we grew. Ken brings a huge curiosity and tenacity to his managerial style, which gives him both the capacity to explore diverse courses of action and the discipline to manage a trajectory once established.” – Mike Mooney, Strategist + Partner, Catapult Thinking

“Ken knows how to set goals, measure outcomes and drive performance. I’ve watched him do that for both individuals and businesses alike over the course of almost two decades. His passion, energy, focus and objectivity, as well as his sense of humor, would make him an exceptional contributor to any organization. As the founder and leader of my own business, I hired him, worked with him, promoted him and benefited from his honesty and wise counsel. If I were starting or growing a company today, Ken’s a guy that I’d want on my team again.” – Walter Henritze, Interim Executive Director at Walden Center for Education and Research; formerly founder & President, Wave Inc.

“Ken Dixon was influential in hiring me as a leadership developer and coach while he worked at CaseSight. My role was to evaluate the leadership and help in the coaching and selection of his team. During my tenure at CaseSight I had the good fortune to work with Ken closely. I found him to be smart, insightful, and engaged in any process or challenge that was in front of him. His ability to look at the big picture and find creative ways to problem solve was incredible. He knows how to balance the needs of an organization’s bottom line with the needs of the team he is leading. It is not often I get to work with an executive who embraces feedback and leaves his ego at the door. Ken manages to do both. Any organization looking for a leader with brains, skill, wit and humor would be lucky to have Ken join their team.” – Grace Andrews, Dynamic Organizational Developer and Coach; formerly Founder, Ignite

“As COO, Ken managed different departments, including Design & Production, Sales/Marketing, Consultants, IT, etc. One of Ken’s strengths and keys to his effectiveness and success is his ability to forge professional, respectful, and positive relationships. Ken customized his approach to effectively manage each department, but Ken’s overall philosophy remained consistent – to make sure everyone was informed, empowered, equipped, and accountable to be and do their best to contribute to the company’s and their individual success.

Ken has a very high (EQ) Emotional Quotient. He actively listens, understands, reflects and then advises. He’s not interested in judging the situation or the people involved, but rather Ken’s interest is in identifying and addressing the actual issues or problems, understanding them, then coaching the individual(s) to acknowledge but not be blinded by biases and emotion, and ultimately to think analytically and/or logically to come up with decisions, actions, and solutions.

High EQ allows Ken to dynamically read everyone’s body language and demeanor and adjust his approach when dealing with different personalities one-on-one. He excels at reading difficult situations in real-time and adjusting communication style, yet stays consistent in philosophy and message.

I managed a team of creative talent and reported directly to him for 5 years. Ken’s specific experience of working as and alongside, and managing creative people or teams, was infinitely valuable for me personally. There were challenging issues and personalities that I found difficult and I always had confidence turning to Ken D. as a mentor. He consistently and effectively worked to motivate the teams he managed, regardless of the circumstances.” – Ken Kimball, Senior Design Manager, Digital Services at WGBH; formerly Design Director/UX Lead at Litagility, Inc., Design Director, CaseSight, Inc.

“Ken is a great leader. He somehow balances the needs of the company with the needs of everyone in it. He is the best I’ve seen at taking the emotion out of a conflict situation, helping everyone to see the issues at hand, and helping everyone to find and agree on an acceptable resolution of the conflict. He truly cares about the people he works with at all levels of the organization.” – Randy Schmidt, Digital Plant Transformation Team Lead at Exelon Nuclear; formerly Vice President of Sales, CaseSight, Inc. (formerly Animation Technologies)

“Ken is the kind of upper management you can only hope to work for. His ability to create a positive, trusting, and healthy work environment for his colleagues is certainly unmatched. He is without a doubt a key player and a great addition to any team. I would jump at a chance to work with him again. Many managers talk about an open door policy, but with Ken there is actually a red carpet. Working with him was one of the most refreshing moments in my professional life.” – Erik Liddell, Senior Software Engineer @ audible an Amazon company; formerly Visual Media Designer, CaseSight, Inc.

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