Are You Doing “The Right Things?” Let’s Find Out

“The right things” are much more important than “the right way.” (Don’t get me wrong – the right way is very important too – but dependent on “the right things.”) “Right things” are those tasks and activities developed to most effectively and efficiently achieve your strategic goal. How much time and how often do you review your individual and company’s “right things” to make sure they’re aligned, unified and focused on your individual and company’s strategic goals.

Below are a set of questions designed to spur thought about what you do, your productivity, satisfaction, and reward. It could be the catalyst that leads to revitalized idea generation, improved time management, effective delegation, and ultimately improved business performance and results. It is useful individually or in a team setting. Give it a try and see where and takes you and what you can get from it!

What are 3 things you are doing that:

  • You do not enjoy doing?
  • You are not qualified enough to be doing?
  • Should yield better results than you achieve?

What are 3 things that you are not doing that?

  • You are uniquely qualified to do?
  • Are your responsibility as the leader and manager of your company?
  • Would yield measurably positive results?
  • Would be more beneficial, rewarding, and satisfying than other things you are currently doing?

What are 3 challenges or opportunities you and your business face that:

  • You do not know how address?
  • Are unsure of how to address?
  • You have never addressed before?
  • If effectively addressed or capitalized on would dramatically improve your business and life?

Is it possible you could delegate activity to someone who is more qualified, enjoys it more, is proven successful at it, will get the results you want, and will free you up to do the things that are most valuable and rewarding to you, you clients, your company, or your family?

Is it possible you could invest in qualified, affordable help to address challenges or opportunities you and you’re business face where the benefits of addressing, resolving, or capitalizing on them are far greater than the expense?

Yes. Maybe? Is it worth a small amount of time to explore and determine? Don’t you owe it to yourself, your business, and your family and friends?

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