Managing & Maximizing Return on Your Most Precious Asset

Despite “time” being our most valuable asset, the truth is, no one buys “time.” No one sells “time.” In business, and in life, people benefit from, value, and pay for performance, for contribution, for results. For knowledge-based offers, we use time to quantify the application of our human resource – our capability, expertise, talent, passion, energy, and effort.

As you manage yourself, your business and your life, keep this perspective. It will keep you focused on what’s most important to those you deal with, that you do business with. Business is an ongoing exchange of benefits and what are valued are creation, production, contribution and results.

We strive for – we want to be – we need to be productive, effective, and successful – but with reasonableness, balance and sustainability. How we manage our time IS OUR BUSINESS – as individuals, teams, organizations, and companies.

I have never seen an individual or organization that didn’t have meaningful room for improved performance and results through improved time management. It may be a perspective adjustment or just better awareness and discipline. To those ends, take a look at the following perspective and collection of time management “best practices.”

Managing Our Most Precious Resource – Time


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