How does rate of pay affect employees? You might be surprised, and disturbed.

I encourage you to read the article below about an experiment involving how employees productivity was impacted by their perception of their rate of pay. On the “encouraging” side of the ledger, when employees perceived fairness and even generosity in their rate of pay, their productivity provided an excellent return on the investment of the perceived higher rate of pay. On the “of concern” side of ledger, this experiment’s results were based on employees perception that they were receiving a generous rate of pay, but that perception was not based on reality. So could this experiment and its results be used to fuel manipulation and exploitation of employees by making a less than fair and generous initial offer but presenting it as fair, hoping the employee doesn’t know the difference, and then increasing it at the right time to create the perception that the rate of pay is generous, to get the desired productivity? Seems so. Perhaps this only reinforces best practices for employees and employers:

  1. Know the market value of the job you want or recruiting for
  2. Be genuine and fair
  3. You get what you pay for

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