Design Business Success Starting at the Top

Once upon a time, there were two owner-manager partners of a small professional services firm. Like a lot of small businesses, they started successfully, but struggled with consistency over the years, fending off near-death cash crunches on an all too regular basis. After surviving yet another near death experience, they decided they wanted to re-design … Read more

The First Question to Ask of Any Strategy – A Quick Litmus Test

I wrote a post on the importance of developing and using an effective strategy and strategy statement recently. As a compliment to that, here is a piece that describes a simple, fast, and easy test to apply to your strategy to see if is likely help you and your business perform, achieve, and succeed. Rather … Read more

Do You Have A Strategy? Does It Work?

Yes, I am of the school of thought that believes (knows) that developing a well-thought strategy is not the product of a divisive process that wastes time and money and that ends up in a binder on a shelf or archived on the server. To the contrary, it can enable alignment, unification and focus of … Read more

“What We’ve Got Here Is Failure to Communicate!”

A Disturbing Trend in Business Communication Over the past couple of decades, the global economy has become more knowledge and service-based. It’s led to a proliferation in the number of professional service firms, specifically, consultancies, and more specifically, marketing firms, including but not limited to branding, design, advertising, digital, interactive, web, social media, and countless … Read more

Improve Your Performance Management – 10 Questions to Get You Going

Effective performance management is critical to any organization and it’s success. But for small businesses, it’s often short-sheeted or overlooked altogether, replaced by crises-management and “making it up as you go.” But effective performance management requires a strategy, a plan, and the ability to envision and manage from the whole to the details, and vice … Read more

Are You Doing “The Right Things?” Let’s Find Out

“The right things” are much more important than “the right way.” (Don’t get me wrong – the right way is very important too – but dependent on “the right things.”) “Right things” are those tasks and activities developed to most effectively and efficiently achieve your strategic goal. How much time and how often do you … Read more

Understanding the Uniqueness of Professional Services Strategy & Positioning

Professional service firms, including creative services such as marketing and design agencies, have their own distinct qualities and characteristics, their own unique business DNA. Developing an effective strategy and position for your professional or creative service firm is a critical first step that underlies successful planning and execution. There’s a ton of material on this … Read more

Does Your Business Have A Strategy? Do the People Who Need to Know It Know It?

Most successful businesses are built on effective strategy and the ability to communicate that strategy to stakeholders to get their understanding, commitment and contribution to your success. Most companies don’t have an effective strategy, or can’t communicate it if they do. This is the best content I’ve come across for effective strategy and strategy statement … Read more

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