The Key to Managing Millennials? Understanding

Recently, I have been engaged in several conversations about millennials – millennials in the workplace and how to effectively recruit, retain, and manage them. A lot of concern, frustration, and even resentment and condemnation was interwoven into these conversations. I try to resist using generalizations and labels as a way to prevent myself from developing … Read more

Using “5 Why’s” To Improve Sales

I recently posted a piece on a couple of simple but effective problem solving processes, 5 Why’s and 5 How’s. Before leaving that, I thought I’d share this HubSpot post about using the 5 Why’s for sales. Now I write this like using it for sales is different from general problem solving, but when we … Read more

Quick & Simple Improvement

Many times “the right things to do” and “the right ways to do them” require substantial investment of time, effort, attention, and learning to execute. But it’s not always like that. Here are some quick, simple-to-execute processes that can drive improvement. I recommend making them part of your standard management procedure. Opportunities Identify 3 Unrealized … Read more

Assess for Success: Evaluate & Improve Your Business – Part 3 – Competitive Analysis

The first self-assessment process I wrote about was Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis. The second process was Features, Benefits, and Value (FBV) mapping, (Both articles are available at Dixon Management Services). Why do these assessments processes, and make them standard operating procedure? Too often we assume our beliefs or conclusions about our businesses … Read more

It’s Not What We Know, It’s What We Do! A Practical Process for Taking Meaningful Action

I am inspired by others, as I most often am, to address a common issue that plagues many business owners and their teams. My inspiration was initiated by one, “The Knowing-Doing Gap,” a book written by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton, two then Stanford University educators and published by Harvard Business School ©2000, about why leaders … Read more

Business Fundamentals Bootcamp, Friday June 10 @ Wellesley Country Club

For the second time in 2 months, I am excited to be presenting at another Business Fundamentals Bootcamp. Please join me on June 10, 2016, at the Wellesley Country Club in Wellesley, MA! This event’s theme is “Growth Strategies for the Scaling Company.” I am looking forward to presenting a new topic that I intend … Read more

10 Questions to Ignite Your Performance Management

Effective performance management is critical to any organization and it’s success. Before we “jump in,’ let’s be clear about what “performance management” is. Every “result” is the output of an “activity” or “activities.” These “activities” may be a sequenced set, or process. But it is still simple “input – output.” This relationship between key activities … Read more

3 Questions to Jumpstart & Improve Your Strategic Planning

From 3 Proven Ways to Position a Professional Services Firm, by Jason Mlicki, 03.13.12, One day . . . firm leadership looks around and asks itself a few difficult, yet fundamental questions. The questions themselves are never quite the same, but generally speaking they sound something like this: How did we get in THIS … Read more

Make Accurate Project Estimating a Best Practice

My last post was about mastering project profitability. This post is a complimentary follow-up, featuring a HubSpot blog that details project planning and pricing best practices that, as lame Seinfeld stand-up comic Kenny Banya would say, is “gold, gold.” I encourage any professional or creative service business to adopt and customize this rigorous, thorough process … Read more

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